Conditions We Can Support

I often get asked 'so what conditions can you treat?'. 
As a naturopath, I can treat various types of conditions that you are struggling with. 
By utilising experience and the knowledge of the body functions,
we will dig deep down to unfold to discover the 'true cause of symptoms'
and support you to get back to the stage that you can say "I feel awesome!".

Fatigue/Low energy 

Are you feeing tired ?

Want your energy back? 

pain management

Headache, migraine, arthritis....

Want to be pain free? 

children's health

Need support for your children? 

Happy kids - happy parents! 


Can't sleep? 

Waking up at night? 

Fatigued in the morning? 

we can treat lot more!

None of us are the same, we are here to support your individual needs.

Gut health 

Your digestion is not quite right, but don't know what to do? 

female health

Painful period, irregular cycle, PMS

It's common, but 

It's NOT normal!


Aiming for additional family member?

Let's prepare and maintain healthy pregnancy.

Immune system

Getting sick frequently?

Need support for your autoimmune condition?

Stress/ mental health

Want to reduce your stress level?

Feeling stressed? 

Feeling Anxious?

weight loss 

Want to achieve your optimal weight? 

Prevent from developing weight related disease now!

skin conditions

Suffering from chronic condition?

Having trouble with flare ups? 

Image by Paweł Czerwiński


Did you know 'Topping up Iron' is NOT always the way to go? Maintain the balance of all the key nutrients.

 - Consultations are available in clinic or your preferred online method -  
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