Conditions We Support

Everybody holds the key to their own healing, but sometimes the body needs a little help.
That’s where our services come in.
As Naturopathic Practitioner, we work with you to restore your balance and find your center.

Gut Health

Your digestion is not quite right, but don't know what to do? 



Painful period, irregular cycle, PMS

It's common, but 

It's NOT normal!

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Food allergies/ intolerances

Discover and manage your individual needs. 



Planning an additional family member? Give your baby the very best start in life.


Thyroid health

Thyroid disease? Autoimmune Hashimoto's or Graves? 

Pregnancy care

Achieve optimal health throughout pregnancy. Providing healthy nutrition and lifestyle.

Cancer support

Supporting with evidence based practice for your special needs.


Children's health

Supporting a healthy, nourished development and immune system.

Type1, type2


Supporting a healthy lifestyle advice to manage your blood sugar levels. 

Skin health

Let your skin glow from inside and outside. We treat from the root cause.

Autism, ADHD

Did you know there might be a cause of autism and ADHD? 

?  Can't find your condition from above?

?  Suffering from undiagnosed condition? 

No problem at all!

Enquire us or start from $0 assessment consultation.


Saya is a qualified Clinical Naturopath based in Cairns offering both in-clinic and online consultation. Saya treats both males and females as well as children. Saya treats a wide variety of different health conditions with special interests of digestive health, mental health as well as 're-balancing' hormone balances. 

 Services and Support 

- Naturopathy

- Nutrition

- Functional Tests

- Body Composition Analysis

- Online Consultation

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