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This delicious supplement is a great alternative to coffee.
♡ All-day long lasting energy without the crash
♡ Instant hot or cold drink
♡ Essential nutrients in each cup

- yerba maté -
A synergistic mix of natural stimulants and powerful antioxidants.
- Raw cacao -
Rich in magnesium and other essential minerals.
- Maca root -
A grounding food with a nutty flavour known to enhance sexual health and libido by balancing hormones
- Guarana -
Support memory, concentration and cognition. Also support boosting your metabolism as well. Great source of antioxidant too!

Contains Approx. half of caffeine compare to coffee - naturally occurring in Yerba Maté and Guarana


What does it taste like?

Here is how people describe.

  • 'An earthy, nutty, less sweet hot chocolate'
  • 'Hot chocolate without the crazy sweetness, plus you get the energy kick'
  • 'Awesome and light' 
  • 'Ceremonial hot cacao - rich, potent, zero bitterness, not sweet!'
  • Very chocolatey but a raw bitter chocolate'
  • 'Perfect balance of flavours, not too sweet, not too bitter' 
  • 'Warm and Grounding' 
  • 'Bitter hot choc'
  • 'Warm chocolaty heaven with a delicious roasted and nutty flavour' 

[100% Organic] Instant Latte "LOV MATE"

GST Included
Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly subscription and grab 10% off (Cancel anytime!)
$38.61every month until canceled
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