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$0 Assessment Consultation

Never seen naturopaths before?

Not sure what sort of supports you can receive from our clinic?

We want to ensure you are comfortable starting your healthy journey with us !

During Assessment Consultation, you will receive an opportunity to:

  • have a brief discussion about your health concerns

  • ask questions that you may have, such as consultation process and costs

Book Now and discover your new healthy path with us. 

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(Please note: This consultation provides only general information and opportunity for you to ask questions that you may have. For your safety, detailed personal advice or prescription will not be provided until naturopathic consultation is held)

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Time to move forward?

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Fatigue

  • Weight Management

  • Fertility / preconception care

  • Chronic Constipation/Diarrhoea 

  • IBS

  • SIBO

  • Food Allergies / Intolerances

  • Cancer Support

  • Immune Care

  • Thyroid Health

  • Children's Health

  • Women's Health

  • Men's Health

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