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Microbiome DNA Analysis

At Hummingbird Health Space, we utilise the latest genomic technology to assess the condition of your gastrointestinal functions such as digestion, absorption, intestinal function and microbial diversity.

It is a non-invasive test and can easily be done at home. 

Gut Facts

Did you know?


" Approx. 70% of our immune cells reside in our gut "


" OVER 70% of nerves from brain are ending in our gut "

Are you experiencing....? 

Who is suitable

Digestive issues

food intolerance 

Difficulty concentrating



Skin flare ups

Weight gain/ loss

Prone to cold/flu


5 keyinsights

Thrive Your Gut Health

Receive 5 Key insights

1. Bacterial Environment

The 'Good' and "Bad" bacteria

Having a large number of diverse, beneficial bacteria is one of biggest factors in maintaining optimal gut health.

A high level of bacterial diversity has been shown to reduce the risk of digestive symptoms, whilst a lower level of diversity has been linked with symptoms such as constipation, bloating and diarrhoea, due to a lack of functional and protective gut bacteria. Your report will showcase each organisms in percentage in comparison with our ideal percentage.

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2. Intestinal Toxins

The cause of bloating and skin flare up

Intestinal toxins such as Hydrogen Sulphide is related to painful bloating and skin flare ups. Intestinal toxins can also cause weight gain as well. They are also deeply linked to IBS, Leaky gut and Inflammatory Bowel Disease.


Histamine is one of well known intestinal toxins to cause food allergies and skin flare ups.


Recent studies reveal production of lipopolysaccharide (LPS) is deeply linked to endometriosis as well.  

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4. Interactive Online Report

Access to your results anytime

via interactive online platform which gives you visual image of your gut environment.


You can also learn about how each microorganisms are associated with good/bad health.

Learn about microbiome anytime

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5. Your Personal Shopping List

Just like we are all different, we all have different 'preferred foods' in order to enhance our unique, individual gut environment.


Receive tailored dietary advice based on your report insights and learn which foods are recommended for you and why. 

Take this to your grocery shopping

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3. A Report that is

Unique to You

Just like your microbiome,

you will receive

a report with personalised,

'up to date' science-based insights.

Human microbiome analysis

is an emerging field.

New discoveries are made

almost every week!! 

Individualised & up-to date

science based report

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Taking probiotics is only "seedling" your gut microbiome.

Do you know if they are happily present in your gut?

Tips to Maintain Mental Health List Inst

Discover your microbiome health

Your investment


*Test price only. Consultation fee will occur when viewing your results.

*Postage included

"Your gut microbiome has the potential to influence your overall health"

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