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Thanks to all the researchers, it is clear that maintaining our digestive health is so critical when we talk about ANY AREAS of Our Health! Maintaining our digestive health is deeply related to absorption of nutrients, your immune system, mental health and so on and on....

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?

  • Reflux

  • Heartburns 

  • Nausea

  • Diarrhoea

  • Constipation

  • Fatigue

  • Weight gain/ loss 

  • Anaemia

  • Skin issues 

  • Loss of appetite

  • Abdominal pains

  • Irregular period

  • Gas, bloating 

  • Joint pain 

  • Anxiety / depression 

  • Poor immunity

Or, you may already have heard conditions such as ....

  • IBS - Irritable bowel syndrome 

  • IBD - Irritable bowel disease 

  • Coeliac disease

  • Autoimmune disease

  • Diverticulitis

  • GORD

  • Leaky Gut

  • SIBO

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Top 6 predominant causes in digestive system

1. Intestinal Dysbiosis

We have trillions of bacterias in our system and they help to break down foods to be absorbed. However, we see situations such as

  • Not having enough 'good bacteria'

  • Overgrowth of 'bad bacteria'

  • Other unwanted pathogens living in your gut, such as virus, fungi or parasite.


? What can we do ?

Digestive Stool Analysis ​evaluates what exactly is happening with your gut flora. If suspected, you may be suggested a SIBO Test which can assess bacterial overgrowth in your small intestine. If any imbalances are detected, we can utilise natural medicines such as herbal medicines as natural antibiotic, specific strains of probiotics that are specific to your needs.

2. Food Intolerance

We we talk about this topic, we need you to know 2 different types of 'allergies' - an immediate allergic reaction and delayed reaction, called 'intolerance' or 'sensitivity'. While it might be easy to detect what you are allergic to (as you are likely to experience the symptoms straight away), detecting your sensitivity is not easy because symptoms may appear next day or 2 days late. The symptoms may not be so severe too so you may not notice or become 'normal' to have your symptoms. Yet, this is damaging your gut system, creating inflammation and lowering nutrient absorption as well. 


? What can we do ?

Food Intolerance Testevaluates what exactly is happening with your gut flora. If any imbalances are detected, we can utilise natural medicines such as herbal medicines as natural antibiotic, specific strains of probiotics that are specific to your needs.

3. Nutrients, Enzyme, Gastric acid

We will assess whether your body is absorbing nutrients properly or not by taking full case history of your diet and utilise pathology test to see if your digestive juices are being produced enough.

Simple mineral such as zinc is hugely associated in utilising digestive enzymes, B vitamin absorption. Zinc is also essential to produce and repair digestive tissues.  

4. Your Mental Health

Stress is directly connected to digestive health. If you are chronically stressed or adrenal fatigued, it alters your bowel movement, inhibit nutrient absorption and puts fire on your digestive system = inflammation! Inflammation in your digestive system may result in headache and pains in multiple areas - abdomen, head, joint and muscle. 

Other possible factors 

Other hormone imbalances such as oestrogen, taking oral contraceptives, hormone therapy, accumulated heavy metals can also interfere your healthy digestive system.  

 - This is how we can work with You - 

1, Get to know

about you

Plants and Candles

We will take case history of your condition to narrow down where and how your conditions all started. 

2, Let's be clear with functional tests

Test Tubes

If necessary, we can organise comprehensive home-testings such as

to get a clear diagnosis of what's actually happening in your body. ​

3. Re-balance

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Once your condition is identified from consultation or testings (if necessary), we proceed to 'Re-balance' your health by providing personalised health plan - to heal, improve, detox from your condition. Therapeutic dose of herbal/nutritional medicines are utilised. 

4. Food as medicine

Healthy Breakfast

Different conditions may require different food approach. We will provide suitable diet plan / food list to suit your condition. As this is a 'personalised diet plan', your cooking ability, kitchen environment and your food preferences will all be considered.  

What is SIBO? 

Want to know how

we can work with you? 

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Free Assessment Consultation gives you an opportunity to

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