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  • [Microbiome Test] What does 'Diversity" mean?"
    Diversity is the measure of both the number of different types and the amount of bacterial species in the sample, i.e. it encompasses both richness and evenness. A highly diverse sample would contain a large number of different bacterial species (high richness), with a relatively equal amount of each species (high evenness). While low microbial diversity is often associated with poor health, high microbial diversity is associated with good health. A varied diet rich in plant-based, fibrecontaining foods, such as fruits, vegetables, wholegrains and nuts, is associated with increased microbial diversity.
  • [Microbiome Test] Do I need to stop my medication and supplements?
    No, there is no need to stop taking probiotics or other supplements before the test, as these are part of your regular habits and will reflect their “normal” microbiome. Antibiotic use however, is one exception to the rule, as it does affect the microbiome. It is advised that testing should be conducted at least 2 weeks after antibiotic use, once any acute symptoms have resolved.
  • [Microbiome Test] How long does it take to receive my results?
    You will receive your results between 2-4 weeks.
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