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I am a fully registered Clinical Naturopath and a member of national association ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society).

After seeing many clients over the years, I recognise the root cause of health issues can come from multiple aspects such as


  • Digestive system

  • Metabolic function

  • Hormone balance

  • Nutritional status 

  • Living environment


Hence, I am passionate about having deep understanding of her client's life journey and investigating 'the true root cause'.

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Hello I'm Saya!


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I am experienced and have special interests in....

Digestive Health

IBS, food intolerances, leaky gut, SIBO, Ulcerative colitis etc

Reproductive Health

Hormonal acne, endometriosis, PMS/PMDD, irregular/painful menstruation, fertility


Mental health

Chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, ASD, ADHD

Metabolic health

Diabetes, weight loss, fatty liver, thyroid function

"No guesswork"

All the treatment plans suggested from me is 100% evidence based.

Pathological/functional tests are also utilised.


I will guide and support your health journey.

You can be who you want to be.

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