Meet The Team





 Founder of Hummingbird Health Space
Qualified Naturopath (Adv. dip)
Loves dogs and beautiful sky 

 Clinic Assistant
Student Naturopath
Loves exercise in nature and family time 

I have been studying a Bachelor of Naturopathy and Nutrition for the last four years and hope to graduate in 2022.

I was lucky enough to be born and raised in the beautiful Torres Strait Islands which is where part of my cultural heritage originates and after living south for many years, I have recently been spending more time in beautiful Cairns, Far North Queensland!

I personally found naturopathy 6 years ago, at a time in my life when my health was at an all time low & I was experiencing severe stress and anxiety from the pressures of my corporate career.

Through my own experiences of my body healing itself & with the support of naturopathic medicine- I began to see positive changes and improvements overall in my health.


It was here that I decided to embark on a new career path towards holistic health, specifically naturopathy and nutrition & since then, I haven’t looked back :)

I am fully registered Clinical Naturopath and a member of national association

ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society) as a Naturopath.

"I am mum and woman"

Struggling with your hormone balance or planning a family? or you may be concerned about your kids health. I've been there - feel safe to speak to me. 


My primary goal as a Naturopath is to find and treat the underlying causes of your symptoms with a personalised health plan which includes nutritional, lifestyle suggestions.


"No guesswork"

All the treatment plans suggested from me will be 100% evidence based. Pathological/functional tests are also utilised.


I look forward to supporting your health journey and improve your quality of life.