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Saya, Hummingbird's founder has undergone at least half a decade of rigorous academic and formally recognised educational study and practical training prior to receiving a clinical naturopath accreditation in Australia.

The team at Hummingbird Health Space have either completed or are currently completing the same standard of tertiary recognised naturopathic academic study and practical clinical training. This means, we have been degree level educated and trained in a nationally recognised environment; qualified on the basis of surpassing all requirements involved with successfully operating as a clinical naturopath from an evidence-based practise standard.

We have had to learn, apply and continue to learn about biochemical processes of the human body on an intricate level, whilst understanding the anatomy, physiology, pathology, pathophysiology, disease and healing processes of the human organism.

In addition to this, we have spent years being assessed and examined on many many facets of nutritional and herbal medicine. Alongside this, our formal education and training has provided us the knowledge and expertise in critically analysing and interpreting peer-reviewed clinical health research and furthermore, apply this appropriately to our work, specifically when assessing a client and determining the best treatment options for their specific disease or health state.

We have had extensive training and education in understanding how conventional medicine interacts with herbal medicine and therefore are able to make safe, well-informed clinical decisions when supporting our clients who are taking both conventional and alternative medicine.
We want to make you aware of the extent of which our expertise and knowledge derives as it is most important that our clients and community understand we have undergone extensive health science study and training to be equipped with what is required to practise as a clinical naturopath.

This is also declared here to provide you reassurance and peace of mind that you are in fact working with professionals who have devoted years to this specialty area of learning and practise and who continue to learn and up-skill in order to keep up to date with recent clinical trials and breakthroughs in the world of naturopathic medicine.

This is the level of commitment we have made to ourselves, business and community so that we can confidently commit to supporting you on your individual health and healing journey.


Heal from the root

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