Naturopathic Consultation


As Naturopaths, we want to know what's really driving you - the underlying cause.

In the consultation, we will be assessing your condition from all sorts of aspects:

  • diet

  • digestion

  • sleep 

  • energy level

  • wellbeing

  • your family's health


to name a few.   All your information is like puzzle pieces.

They will be utilised to put together to find out what's missing in your health.

Initial Consultation (90min - $110)

​This is your starting point and where we get the baseline.

We will be taking your case history thoroughly and build a personalised treatment plan to suit your health needs. Additional testing and referrals will also be discussed.

Follow up Consultation (30min - $40)

We will check in to see how you are going with your treatment plan and make modification (if required) or introduce you to the next level treatment to support your goals.

We also analyse and discuss with your pathology/functional test reports as well. 

What you will receive

At the end of each consultation, you will receive:

  • Personalised diet plan

  • Suggestion of therapeutic dose supplements

  • Lifestyle suggestions

  • Pathology/ functional test referrals (if required)

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