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Omega-3 Testing Plus 

 - Proven data to reach your goals - 

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You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Omega-3, omega-6 and trans fats all play a role in your health and are related to risk for heart disease. Tracking and correcting these numbers can help you optimise them for your health and to achieve your goals. 

At Hummingbird Health Space, we can organise easy home test to assess your Omega-3, Omega-6, Trans Fat status.

It is validated and standardised testing methods which can provide accurate results for you. 

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   Omega-3 is important for...   

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Omega-6 is one of polyunsaturated fatty acids and perform key biological functions in our bodies. The balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 is recommended as 1:4 or less to function properly as well as preventing the body from inflammation. However, our current tendencies fro modern diet show between 1:10 and 1:50. 

Trans fats are a form of unsaturated fat associated with a number of negative health effects such as weight gain, increased risk of diabetes and heart disease. Eating too many foods that contain trans fats can increase unhealthy cholesterol (LDL) levels and decrease healthy cholesterol (HDL) level. Analysing your trans fat index helps to provide your current picture and direction.


Want to lose weight?

Want to Detox?


I am here to support you to achieve your health goals by providing personalised health plans. Let me hear how you want to be & what you want to achieve. 

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You will receive personalised,  validated report including

  • Your Omega-3 Index

  • Trans Fat Index

  • Omega-6: )mega-3 Ratio

  • AA:EPA Ratio 

  • Personalised recommendation

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How it works 

  1. Purchase a package - The kit will be delivered to your nominated address by express post. 

  2. Follow the instruction enclosed and collect the sample.

  3. Post it!

  4. In 12-14 business days, you will receive a call or email once your results have arrived

  5. Book an appointment for 30 minute private 'Reports of Findings Consultation' ** 

**If this is your first consultation, Please choose 'Initial Consultation' to receive a 1.5hr comprehensive consultation ​

During consultation, you will receive

Explanation of your results and how they might be linked to your health concerns

Personalised nutritional, dietary advice based on your results 

Supplements advice

Lifestyle advice

Copy of your results to take home

In-Clinic Meta Scan to ascertain body composition and cellular health

(For initial consultation bookings only)


First Visit Package 


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Existing Members package

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**All prices are inclusive of postage and consultation fees

 **First time visit requires comprehensive consultation so that I can better understand your health situation for better health outcomes

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