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Prenatal DHA Test

Do you really have enough DHA for you and your baby?

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DHA (or docosahexaenoic acid) is an omega-3 fatty acid found in fish, fish oil, and prenatal supplements that is an important nutrient for a healthy pregnancy. The Prenatal DHA Test, which is a measure of DHA in blood, lets mom know if you are getting enough of this key nutrient for both you and your baby.

At Hummingbird Health Space, we can organise easy home test to assess your Omega-3 status. It is validated and standardised testing methods which can provide accurate results for you. 

Why is DHA important?

Mother and Baby

For mom..

  • Healthy Hormone Balance

  • Healthy Mood

  • Prevent preterm birth

For Baby..

  • Healthy Growth Development

  • Good cognition

  • Brain and Eye Health

  • Immune System

  • Healthy Behaviour

This is what researchers say...

• Women who took a DHA supplement during pregnancy were 42% less likely to have early preterm birth compared to those who did not.

• Kids whose moms took DHA during pregnancy had lower rates of asthma at 3 years old compared to those who did not. This effect was strongest in moms with DHA levels <4.5% before starting supplementation.

• Babies from moms who had higher DHA levels during pregnancy had better problem solving skills at 1 year.7

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Your baby is getting all the nutrients from mom during pregnancy and lactation. It is necessary to know where you are at and what needs to be done for you and your baby's health. I am here to help  making sure you and your baby is getting enough DHA. 

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You will receive personalised,  validated report which shows the percentage of DHA level in your body. You will also receive personalised dietary recommendations based on the results.

How it works 

  1. Purchase a package - The kit will be delivered to your nominated address by express post. 

  2. Follow the instruction enclosed and collect the sample.

  3. Post it!

  4. In 12-14 business days, you will receive a call or email once your results have arrived

  5. Book an appointment for 30 minute private 'Reports of Findings Consultation' ** 

**If this is your first consultation, Please choose 'Initial Consultation' to receive a 1.5hr comprehensive consultation ​

During consultation, you will receive

Explanation of your results and how they might be linked to your health concerns

Nutritional, dietary advice based on your results 

Supplements advice

Lifestyle advice

Copy of your results to take home

In-Clinic Meta Scan to ascertain body composition and cellular health

(For initial consultation bookings only)


First Visit Package 


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Existing Members package

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**All prices are inclusive of postage and consultation fees

 **First time visit requires comprehensive consultation so that I can better understand your health situation for better health outcomes

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