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Sunlight is necessary for our skin to make Vitamin D on its own.

But most of us don’t spend hours in the sun each day. In fact, we are seeing most of our patients are quite deificnet in vitamin D even they love spending sometime outdoor. Why? The vitamin D from the sun cannot be utilised straightaway. Our body needs to convert it via liver and kidney, so we have risk of becoming deficinet if our organs are not in the best condition. However, once you know your blood level, you will know if your diet and lifestyle are able to maintain a desirable level of Vitamin D. We can then provide personalized guidance on how to improve your levels through sun exposure, diet and supplementation.



Why Vitamin D is Important for Our Health?

Vitamin D, like all nutrients, is essential for life. Our bodies need it from our environment (sunlight and food in this case) to function.

Vitamin D plays an important roles in;

  • Structures
    • Building and maintaining strong bones
    • Children's normal healthy growth
    • Muscle strength
    • Healthy heart function
  • Strong immune system
    • Low vitamin D is linked to many autoimmune diseases
  • Metabolism
    • Works as energy source
    • Contorls insulin sensitivity 
  • Digestive health
    • Controls pathogens
    • Balance digestive metabolism
  • Reproductive health
    • Regulate mestrual cycle 
    • Balance hormones


Your results - Supported by science

  • Actionable: Levels change when you change your sun exposure & diet.
  • Personalized: Personalized recommendations based off your test results.
  • Certified: Samples are processed in our CLIA certified laborator
  • Validated: Sample analysis traceable to NIST.
  • Compare: Reference ranges show you how you compare to your peers


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