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Feeling Unwell Despite Normal Blood Tests?

We understand that even if your blood tests show normal results, you might still not feel your best. As holistic practitioners, we look beyond the numbers.


How We Can Help:

We offer a unique approach to interpreting your pathology results. Our qualified naturopaths assess your body's functions, identify nutrient deficiencies, and pinpoint the root cause of your symptoms.


Easy 3 steps:

  1. Place Your Order: Simply place your order and proceed to the next step.

  2. Fill out the Form and Attach Your Results: Follow the prompts to fill out an intake form and attach your blood test results.

  3. Receive Your Holistic Interpretation: Within 5 business days, our experienced naturopaths will provide you with a detailed holistic interpretation. You'll receive a recorded video and a written summary explaining our findings and recommendations.




*This service is not for diagnosis* 

Pathology Interpretation

GST Included
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