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Anaemic Condition 

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Anaemia simply refers to an inadequate amount of or poor quality red blood cells. 

The myth of anaemic condition is often thought "I just need more iron". However, there are few different conditions we need to consider WHY you are anaemic.

You might be anaemic if you are experiencing....

  • Loss of energy

  • Easy to get fatigued 

  • Shortness of breath, fast heartbeat 

  • Headache

  • Dizziness

  • Insomnia

  • Leg cramps

  • Difficult to concentrate 

Stressed Man

Also, we often see patients who has no symptoms but severely anaemic because of busy everyday life! 

Different types of anaemia

  • Iron deficiency anaemia - Did you know 1 in 8 Australians are not consuming enough iron? Iron rich foods are not only from animal meat, not eating enough vegetables can be a cause of iron deficient. Demand is increased during pregnancy as well as your absorption capability needs to be look at as well.

  • Vitamin deficiency anaemia - Are you eating enough vegetables everyday? Dietary deficiency and strict diet can be the cause of this case. However, decreased gut function (such as not enough gastric acid& enzymes, having 'bad gut bacteria', IBS, SIBO etc) can also interfere with absorption. 

  • Other conditions such as sickle cell anaemia and thalassaemia 

Did you know?


Liver is where we detoxify and store our blood. So it's so crucial to make sure your liver is functioning properly. If your liver is congested, that can be the real cause of your anaemic condition. Accumulated toxins in the liver is associated with number of health conditions as well.   

Cannot ignore liver health


Gut is where we absorb

It doesn't matter how much nutrients we are taking. If your gut is not absorbing properly, we can't see good results. We assess and set your gut health to make sure you are absorbing nutrients properly.

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Need more blood

during pregnancy

If you are planning a baby or currently pregnant, the demand increases up to double the amount. To welcome health baby, having adequate amount of blood is essential. See more information about pregnancy and preconception care from here.

 - This is how we can work with You - 

Test Tubes

We will refer you to blood test to make sure

  • What nutrients are lacking

  • Your absorption level

  • What might be happening in your gut system

1, Blood Test tells us a lot

Healthy Breakfast

2. Let's get nourished

We will look at what your diet to see if there is any area we can help you to improve your condition. Not a fun of cooking? No problem, we are here to build individualised meal plan based on your cooking skills.

Image by Daily Nouri

3. Therapeutic support

If required, we will prescribe Practitioner only grade therapeutic grade supplements to help you to improve your condition. 

The Myths of Anaemic Condition 

  1. We just need more iron to improve condition, time for steak! - The truth is we need co-factor nutrients to produce blood. Your iron level might be adequate, yet your body might be lacking other co-factor nutrients such as Vitamin B12, folate and other nutrients. It is important to look and make sure your body is getting ALL of these important nutrients.   

  2. Just taking supplements should do the job! - Unfortunately, we sometimes need to look at bigger picture of what's happening in your body. Adding lacking nutrients are essential, however, there is no point if your body doesn't have ability to absorb. We will look at your gastric juice/enzyme level as well as your gut and liver health. 

  3. Don't like iron supplement because they make me sick! - That's because you might be taking poor quality (cheap form) of iron tablet. The poorer they are, our body struggles to breakdown and absorb. Therefore we might get nausea or experience constipation from 'struggles'. It is so important to choose high/pure quality supplements to provide adequate amount of nutrients for individual needs. We will adjust the dosage based on your individual requirement

"Would love to support finding your root cause and improve your condition!"


Saya - Your Naturopath


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