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Pre-conception / Pregnancy Support 

Are you planning a new addition in your family member?

We are here to support you and your partner's journey to welcome a new healthy baby.

At Hummingbird Health Space, we support

  • Pre-conception care to deliver healthier outcomes

  • Optimising fertility

  • Discovering the root cause of your infertility/miscarriages

  • Your fertility along with your other chronic health conditions  


Pre-conception care 

Proper pre-conception care has been shown to enhance fertility and lead to healthier outcomes. 

Currently, it is recommended to start pre-conception care approx. 8months prior for woman and 3months prior for men for healthy conception. At naturopathic consultation, we will look at all sorts of facts that are deeply related to healthy conception such as

  • Nutritional deficiencies

  • Hormone balance (Thyroid, sex hormone etc.)

  • Any female hormone related facts (PMS, period related issues, PCOS, endometriosis)

  • Insulin resistance

  • Toxic exposure

  • Gut microbe

  • Mental health 

Optimising fertility / Discover the root cause of infertility / miscarriages 

In modern world, 1 in 6 Australian couples are experiencing infertility and up to 25% of all pregnancies ending in miscarriage. Things such as ;

  • Poor egg quality

  • Poor sperm health

  • Nutritional deficiencies

  • Hormone imbalances 

  • Obese

  • Heavy metal toxicity 

  • Endocrine disruption

  • Inflammation

  • Oxidative stress (Stress)

can be all related to infertility. Our job is to address and improve any imbalances. 

Yes, we need to make sure Dad-to-be is healthy too!

Your baby will be carrying 50% of DNA from mum and other 50% are from dad, so it's pretty important to maintain the health of both mum and dad. 

-- Examples --

Nutrients - folate and Omega3 deficiencies are deeply associated with sperm quality.

Toxic exposures  - Heavy metal, smoking and alcohol consumptions carry higher risk of baby's brain and heart related conditions. 

Man Holding Newborn

What you will receive from consultation...

  • Personalised dietary advise based on your specific condition 

  • Correction of imbalances by using nutritional, herbal medicine 

  • Personal functional testings organised (If required)

  • Detoxification support 

  • Stress management

  • Lifestyle advice 

Want to know how

we can work with you? 

Start from our

FREE Assessment Consultation

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Saya - Your Naturopath

Free Assessment Consultation gives you an opportunity to

  • Ask what Naturopathy can do..

  • See how we can work with your condition

  • Question about any concerns you may have before commencing a full consultation 

Assessment consultation is available in clinic / by phone / Online (such as skype or zoom)

 - Bookings are essential - 

"Would love to support finding your root cause and improve your condition!"

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