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Meta Scan 

Get to know Your Body Better

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Are you feeling up and down on the scale?

Yet, do you know what you are carrying?

Our body is made of all sorts of components such as:

  • Muscles

  • Fats

  • Fluids

  • Bones

When you have your health goals, you really want to know which approach your unique body is required.


At Hummingbird Health Space, we offer Body Composition test called Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA).

It is a quick, safe and non-invasive screening of the body to ascertain body composition and cellular health.

What is BIA?

BIA is a science that has been used for monitoring patients in hospital and research settings since the 1980s. We use a BIA device, which is a registered medical device called Quadscan. The test is completed in a matter of minutes and is painless. Leads are connected to your hands and feet, and low voltage electrical currents are passed through your body. This provides us with your body composition measurements, giving insight into important aspects of your health. 

What we can measure

  • Fat & Muscle Distribution

  • Fluid distribution (Both hydration and excess fluids)

  • Quality of Your Muscle

  • Cellular Health

  • Nutritional Status

What you receive

  • Explanation of your results and how they might be linked to your health concerns

  • Nutritional, dietary advice based on your results 

  • Full coloured test results to take home

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Want to manage your weight effectively? 

Want to measure your muscle tone?

Need more energy?

Start from Body Scan today.

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