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Myth: Avoiding Trigger Foods is the Solution...

Many people struggling with digestive issues find themselves trapped in the myth of avoiding certain foods to alleviate symptoms. It often leads to confusion about what is safe to eat. However, it's crucial to understand that food itself is not the root cause of digestive problems. Instead, it might be linked to a complex interplay within your digestive system.For example, Histamine, a natural compound in our bodies, plays a crucial role in various physiological functions. However, when it comes to the digestive system, an excess of histamine can trigger adverse reactions. These reactions can manifest in diverse ways, including skin rash, itchiness, nasal congestion, palpitation, headache, nausea, bloating, constipation, and diarrhea.

Surprisingly, histamine toxins can even impact your mood and sensitivity to pain, making you more prone to discomfort.

Histamine-Triggering Foods

So should we avoid these foods? - No.Rather than avoiding these foods altogether, the key lies in detecting and eliminating the problematic bacteria. Understanding your body's unique microbiome and working towards a balance is crucial. 

Specific bacteria, such as Bacteroides fragilis and Eggerthella lenta, can exacerbate digestive symptoms when triggered by histamine-rich foods. These bacteria essentially have a 'party' in your digestive system, leading to unpleasant reactions.

Oh what's more scary with these bacteria is THEY LOOOVE FERMENTED FOODS. Just because kombucha or yogurt is advertised as 'gut friendly foods', your inner health will only suffer more if you are carrying these bacteria. 


The Solution: Detect - Target it - Repair

The quickest way to improve your skin/digestive health is to find out what's happening in your digestive system first. Take a tiny sample of your stool at home and post it, you will receive a clear result of what bacteria is causing what symptoms. Not only your skin and digestive health, you will find some of bacteria control your metabolism or even blood sugar health too! If you have been struggling long enough with your health concerns, transforming your digestive health will surpringinly make you feel a lot better.  Find out more about easy stool test from here.

Stay healthy,

Saya x


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