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As natural health practitioners, it is our job to help support & guide our patients using evidence- based practices to achieve specific health related outcomes that are tailored to the individual person.

We do our very best to ensure that we get to the root cause of what is causing patients health imbalances. Alongside this, therapeutic treatment is always carefully considered, the most non-invasive, appropriate methods that are clinically proven to support and manage patients conditions.

However, in order to achieve desired health goals & outcomes, it is crucial that treatment is approached with consistency. The process of healing and restoration is delicate and gradual, therefore consistent application of treatment is what will help your body experience shift & change.

By self- altering prescribed treatment, whether this be products, dosage or ingredients, self-diagnosis or even prolonged inconsistency of treatment adherence , the potential to reach the best possible outcomes become hindered.

This is where I’d like to encourage the importance of being mindful that when treatment is recommended, it is done so with experienced professional skill and care. This is not to say you and your health practitioner cannot consider changes at times where appropriate, but the key here is to remember being consistent = higher chance of achieving better health outcomes, feeling more energised and thriving.

But inconsistent treatment adherence can really impact this potential and it’s never nice to see patients who are feeling deflated due to not experiencing positive changes, but please remember we must create change to see change- therefore, we must become consistent in order to see the results.

I hope this was a gentle reminder to how important consistency is when it comes to healing and restoring health. Taking things day by day instead of looking down the long road can really help with remembering that the little daily practises add up to the desired optimal health changes along the way ✨🌿

It's quite common to automatically think "ovarian cysts = hormonal health imbalances", right? But the truth is, almost all of my ovarian cysts and endometriosis patients are actually experiencing this due to gut health imbalances 😯 and once we worked through eliminating gut toxins, we were able to treat these conditions (confirmed via ultrasound/MRI!) Here are some of happy patient's situation;

  • 5cm cyst has reduced down to 3cm after 1 month of treatment

  • 3cm cyst has gone after 12 months of treatment

  • 1 cm size of multiple cysts are all gone after 3 months of treatment

  • Endometriosis has disappeared after 6 months of treatment

  • Enlarged ovary (3 times bigger than normal size due to cyst) is now back to normal healthy size after 3month of treatment

My key message to you

  1. Remember not all cysts/endo stem from hormonal issues & there may always be something else happening within the body that requires attention & further exploring.

  2. It is essential to map out your intestinal health for a quick recovery.

Have you been trying to treat ovarian cysts / endometriosis or maybe PCOS? Perhaps your hormones aren't the area that need help!

Stay healthy,



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