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Cannot shake off few kilos? Your "stress" might be holding the 'few kilos'

People say our mind and body is connected - and it's scientifically validated facts.

Are you stressed?

Work pressure ?

Financial situation ?

Relationship ?


How would you describe your current stress level is?

We all have some kind of stress and it's okay to have it.

However, when you start to have too much stress, that's when your body starts to show signs such as irritability, moodiness, anxiety, depression and weight gain.

The 'stress hormone' cortisol is a fat storage hormone = more you stress, your body tries to keep fats for survival.

If your 'few kilos' resides around your abdomen, it might be the sign that your stress level is peaking and the body is trying to tell you.

Let's assess why you can't shift few kilos.

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*This blog is my own opinions and doesn't substitute any of your current prescribed medication and treatment. Please medical advice about your medication and treatment plans.


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