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Gut Health Issues are NOT just caused by 'Bad bacteria"

Everyone is biochemically different which means "How you become unwell' will also differ.

Here just a few examples of the possible cause of bloating:

Antibiotic use ,Food sensitivities, Intestinal permeability (Leaky gut), low stomach acid (lack of water, antacid use etc.), Endometriosis, slow intestinal motility (do you do a #2 everyday same time WITHOUT coffee?), low thyroid function, Antidepressant use (muscle relaxants do make our bowel muscle 'too relaxed') Again, these are only a few of the possible causes of bloating, but as you can see, sometimes we need to look at other body parts in order to improve our gut health such as mental health, hormonal health or endocrine health. Believe it or not, sometimes we can stop bloating immediately just by regulating deep breathing. If you know me well, I rarely prescribe probiotics "Just because you have a gut issue" and this is why. A Takeaway for you; Probiotics may NOT be your first line of supplement for your gut condition Reason 1: There are number of reasons of why our gut health goes out of control, not just because of bad bacteria or not enough good bacteria Reason 2 : Probiotics are only "Seeds" of our gut bacteria. We need to FEED them by eating fibres, otherwise they will die. Tune in to your entire body and notice your body's voice. Close your eyes.... Take a deep breathe.... Take care Saya xx


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