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Male Hormone Health Beyond Reproduction and Masculinity

We wrote this article to shatter the misconception that male hormones are solely responsible for reproductive health and masculinity. In my clinical practise, I am seeing more and more male patients suffering from fatigue, depression, high blood pressure and even struggling to lose some weight. Prior to seeing me, most of these men had explored some type of fad diet, fasting, medication or other things that Dr Google suggested.

But, the key factors they've been missing is their testosterone = hormonal health.

The many roles of Testosterone

Male reproduction/sexual health


Energy metabolism, Lipid metabolism controls cardiovascular health, Immune modulation, biomarker for comorbid disease

Low Testosterone symptoms

Low sex drive, erectile dysfunction


Belly fat, low energy, mood issues, brain fog, low muscle mass and even bone loss!!

So, What factors lower testosterone?

Other factors that are fairly common in males are "Haemochromatosis". Hemochromatosis is a condition where the body absorbs too much iron from food. A painkiller known as Tramadol suppresses our sex hormones as well.

So, Where to start?

Start ticking the boxes above and that's where you want to prioritise to improve.

3 takeaways to recover your health

Know your baselines

When was last time when you got blood test done? Establishing a baseline of your health will be the first step. Don't forget to test ferritin (iron storage) and female hormone, Oestrogen - as mentioned above.

Eat fish 3 times a week

Did you know our body can't create sex hormones without good fats? We MUST have the building blocks! Plant based fats such as nuts and seeds have some levels of essential fatty acids, but the amount is quite small. If you don't like fish, consider supplementing omega 3 (Ensure your supplement is heavy metal tested!)

Monitor your 💩

It may sound a little gross but our #2 tells us a lot!

  1. Think how often you see your #2 Ideally you only want to see them 1-2 daily, not less and no more than twice a day

  2. How are they looking? What you want to see is a smooth banana shape that is one piece. Not pebbles, not fluffy stuff around

  3. When do you see them? Ideally you want to see them same time everyday. What about yours? Also coffee has laxative effects. Do you think you will still go without coffee?

In saying that....

Our body goes through many many pathways before cholesterol becomes testosterone (so as other hormones), this is called 'steroid pathways'

So, if you are seeking some help to improve your health condition, ensure you are seeing qualified practitioner who understands & can look after all these complex pathways.

Sounds like this is what you need? Enquire today and simply ask us where to start :)


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