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No bake chocolate peanut butter slice

Yes, life is busy!

If you have seen me before, I don't do or recommend any complicated cookings.

Instead, I would like to share meal ideas that is ;

- Easy

- Not many ingredients

- Yet, super healthy

This peanut butter slice is

✨ Gluten free

✨ Dairy Free

✨ Low Carb

✨ High in protein

✨ High in fibre

Low on energy?

Having 3pm crush?

Healthy Fats and Adequate Protein is the key for sustainable energy.

What i love about this recipe;

- Almonds and coconut oil contain a good quality fats = energy source

- Almonds and peanuts are good source of protein = energy + fullness for long time

Simple 8 ingredients


- Dates

- Almonds

- Cacao powder

- Coconut oil

Middle layer

- Peanut butter

- Coconut oil

- Maple syrup

- Vanilla extract

Thank you @thehealthymummy , check them out for detailed recipe!

Cut them > Freeze them > Take to work / munch anytime!

Happy healthy snacking.


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