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Patient Portal is Here!

SOMETHING NEW At Hummingbird Health Space, we are making life a little easier for you with the new Patient Portal!

By registering to use the Patient Portal you can:

✅See upcoming and past appointments

✅Cancel appointments within the clinics cancellation policy

✅See past and present prescriptions

✅Order supplements from your current prescription

✅Upload documents ( pathology report, diet diaries, photos etc) and

✅Send us emails

All you have to do is head over to and click login/register and follow the prompts.

Once in, enter your DOB and click save. Please do not navigate away from this information page as you will not be able to edit it once you have left. Then click the "SimpleClinic Patient Portal" sign up at the top left and that will take you to your home page.

Note: The system automatically matches your details to my clinic.

Why not practice by uploading a profile pic of yourself and I will add this to your patient profile!

Also, our clinic mobile number has a new number! It's now 0478 615 923 - Please update on your mobile and text us anytime to reach us out!


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