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[Recipe] Non-sugar, High fibre strawberry jam

Yes, it's the season!

Strawberry is one of fruits you can eat without guilt as they are quite low on carbs.

Instead, they are packed with good nutrients and dietary fibre. Also compound called 'polyphenols' are potent antioxidant to prevent your cells from getting sick! (Ageing too!)

What normally happens in the ordinary jams is approx. 65% of its contents are all SUGARS. If you look at the back of the label, the actual strawberry content is generally only 50%.

Have you seen homemade recipes? They also generally suggest using strawberry and sugars as 1:1.

These simple sugars may give you a quick energy kick, however their power also drops real quickly.

That is when you feel "Tired" or "Irritable" - that is something to do with your blood sugar level.

Just imagine having a toast with strawberry jam...
That's carb + sugar = Double dose of sugars... wow..

If you feel a need of more sustainable energy, always think about something 'protein'.

This is one of my breakfast.

Eggs, avocados, tuna - they are all good source of protein and provide you a LONG LASTING FULLNESS & ENERGY.

Although, there is nothing wrong with strawberry jam, just need to be aware of what's in it!

This strawberry jam can be used to make muffins or simply add on top of yogurt.

Here is the recipe, enjoy the spring!


  • strawberry 1 cup

  • erythritol or monk fruit 2tbsp

  • water 2tsp

  • chia seed 1tbsp


  1. Cut up the strawberries and heat up with water in low-medium

  2. Stir gently

  3. Once you start to see the the strawberries losing its shape (approx. 10-15mins), move them into the glass container

  4. Add chia seeds and mix well

  5. Sit for 20mins

  6. That's it, enjoy!

1 Comment

Oct 08, 2021

This recipe is amazing Saya! Thank you! I’ve been spending so much time looking for a strawberry jam without sugar at the shops but now I’ve got your recipe I’m so happy!

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