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Vitamin D and Your Liver Health

In our last blog, I talked about how important having adequate amount of vitamin D in our body. Today, I would like to talk bit more about vitamin D and how our body use it.

Now we know that vitamin D is so important

- for body and muscle health - we can't support our body without healthy bones and muscles!

- for thyroid function - thyroid health is essential for healthy metabolism! (Let's talk bit more in future)

- to sustain your energy level

- to support cancer preventions

Once we get vitamins from sunshine and foods, our body needs to convert this into the 'usable form' of vitamin D in our liver and kidneys. So, we really want to ensure that our liver and kidneys are working properly. Otherwise, the body may not be absorbing enough vitamin D due to this conversion issues. Also if you already have liver or kidney issues, you may want to check your vitamin D level due to this metabolism fact.

Do you drink alcohol regularly?

Do you think you need to shake off few kilos?

Do you think you drink less than 2L of water/day?

Do you think you eat high fat foods and not eating enough fibre?

Your gut is not feeling 'right'?

If you are ticking boxes and more you tick the boxes, I think it's time to get some actions.

As a naturopath, I am here to help to seek the real cause of your symptoms to achieve your optimal health. You can book a consultation online from here.

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*This blog is my own opinions and doesn't substitute any of your current prescribed medication and treatment. Please seek medical advice about your current medication and treatment plans.


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